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I’m totally jazzed about Claude Bouchard and Luke Romyn’s write-in campaign to be on the Ellen Show. Want some reasons why it’s a great idea? No problem!

First, Claude and Luke are my friends, and fellow authors. Second, they are very good at what they do. Third, they have built up a huge twitter following, which is no less impressive than what Justin Bieber and Jackie Evancho did when they became famous through YouTube.

I genuinely like these guys, and wish them well.

It’s in my makeup to love people who roll up their sleeves and go out into the world and make things happen. When the establishment blocks one path, they find another one. And if they can’t find another path, they blaze a new trail. It takes courage. It takes confidence. It takes guts. It’s like a bullfighter marching into the arena with mustard on his sword!

It would be a huge victory for the little guy if Ellen’s producers decide to feature these two charming authors who built their following from the ground up, one tweet at a time. I would love to see it, and hope you guys feel the same way. Spread the word!

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Michael says:
Everybody knows Luke and Claude, but who are Justin Bieber and Jackie Evancho?
ceebee308 says:
Thoroughly touching words from a thoroughly true gentleman. Thank you, John! :)
Winslow says:
Ditto! Every word!
Jesilea says:
I couldn't agree more!!! i heard once that talk shows are reluctant to have authors on because they are reclusive by nature. First, I think that's a crock. I know lots of outgoing writers. Second, Luke & Claude are hilarious! They would be great on tv!!!
The Insane Writer
The Insane Writer says:
That would be awesome!
Leona says:
:D Ditto! Oh I see Winslow already said that... So Ditto X 2 :)