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I get this all the time: people remind me I only get 35 cents for each book I sell, and want to know why I take the time to personally respond to emails and website comments. My answer is always the same:

It’s good manners!

Folks tell me I should use an auto-responder or hire a secretary to do it. They say, “How can you afford to answer emails?” My response: “What does book income have to do with answering emails? No one’s paying my readers to write to me! Isn’t their time as valuable as mine? –Of course it is!”

When you read my book and take the time to click onto my website and leave your name and email address, and tell me you loved my book—how could I not thank you? You paid money to read my book! You gave up your time to read it! That’s a gift of time you’ll never get back.

Do most people not understand this? Out of every single thing in the world you could have done today, you chose to spend those precious hours of your life reading my book?

It’s the most incredible honor in the world!

Bless your heart! I’m so humbled I don’t even know how to properly thank you! Is someone going to sit there and tell me my readers don’t deserve a couple minutes of my flippin’ time to thank them for what they’ve done for me? My readers aren’t an interruption of my time. They’re the purpose for it!

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Dr. Tom Bibey
I'm the same way. If someone is kind enough to respond to my book, I think I owe them the acknowledgment. Besides, I didn't become a writer to get rich, and so far the plan is working. Dr. B, author, "The Mandolin Case"
Sheena Hastie
Sheena Hastie says:
John I was so excited when you replied to my email! I thought it was wonderful. I told my family and friends lol. I knew that it was a personal touch as you mentioned something in there that i had mentioned in my email to you, and if it was just an automated response then that wouldnt have been said. It means a lot more to the reader to get a personal response from you. It does to me anyway. What i dont understand is why you only get 35cents for each book?! They are worth so much more! Also just off the subject, i can not find your books in the library or in book stores. Saving Rachel was one of the best books i have ever read and i feel that the whole world should have access to reading it. I have recommended it to others but they cant read it cos they cant find it :( It's such a shame.
Lexi Revellian
Quite right. Where would we be without readers? I love hearing from them, and only wish I hadn't been too afraid of bothering her to write to my favourite author before she died. I know now my letter would have given her a few minutes' pleasure.
Allan Douglas
It's great to know that (some) top writers still take the time to acknowledge the people who got them there. I'm sure it's time consuming, but I see it as a means of maintaining a good public image. I hope one day to find out for myself. Right now, responding to my fan mail doesn't take much time at all! :-)
howard says:
i new after your first book u and i had a special connection and to some it up in a few words its humility and honesty and that is how i tried to live my life. today its seems harder and harder to find thanks for this chance to share this u are a special man
Beverly says:
The first book I read was The Wish List. I love it and couldn't believe how much I paid for such a fun read. I told my friend to check you out, she did, and now we are both fans and love Donovan Creed. We have both since ordered and read the entire series and hope you continue to write about him. When I tell people about your books, I get nothing back but thanks from eveyone. So John, thank you for a great read, I have never enjoyed any series more. You have a rare talent. You play with my emothions through an entire book and you do it better than most authors I have read to date. I am a real fan, I will contine to look for your books.
Linda says:
Rock on John! Your books are definitely a good read; they're awesome, actually. It says a lot about you when you take that time to respond to us -- your readers -- to show your appreciation. You keep adding that personal touch.
Sharon Schech
Sharon Schech says:
Good God!! You are what we would call a "gentleman". Good manners=Class Thank you for having an overabundance of this trait. If only we could bottle them. The world is in short supply in many ways. I have purchased ALL of the Donovan Creed novels. Have read three and I am HOOKED. I've gone back to re-read the first three so I don't finish too soon. It's like a great meal. I don't want it to end. Thank you for taking the time to first write these books and then taking the time to appreciate your fans. I know this is why you have such a loyal following. OOU--or Sharon as everyone else calls me
Ella Schwartz
I can't tell you how refreshing this is. Authors to me are celebrities. The few times I did take the time to contact an author, and they happened to respond to me, I SQUEALED in glee. It is such a special thing when authors get close to their readers. But here is what really bugged me. My 8 year old son sent an email to his favorite author telling him how he inspired him to write. He worked on his own "novel" for 8 months and couldn't wait to tell his favorite author he had completed it. Everyday he would ask me if [unnamed author] sent a response. No response. He waited some more. No response. To me this was particularly heartbreaking.
Sharon says:
It is so awesome that you care so much about your readers! Every time I get a response from you, I feel like I'm on top of the world. I tell my friends, my family and it makes reading your books that much more special. Thank you, so much for taking the time. I am so appreciative of your responses, as I'm sure all of your other fans are!
Ken Jackson
Ken Jackson says:
John, Well said. Too many get caught up in the experience and forget who got them there in the first place. You recognize that fact. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have so far and look forward to the next one as soon as I finish the one I am reading. Many thanks for sharing. Ken
Michael Scott Miller, author
Hi John I noticed that about you when you responded to a comment I made to your guest post on JA Konrath's blog. You immediately gained my respect. Like yours, my background is in the business world and I've been closely following your approach to marketing. I completely agree that it's all about the readers. Nothing is more flattering than having someone invest the time to read something you wrote. I'm just about to start reading Wish List and really looking forward to it.
Stacy says:
John, I love your books and you know that, I cant tell you how impressed I am when you reply to me and so quickly. I can't wait till each book comes out. I was listening to the radio and I dont know if you know her or heard of her, but the show is called the Kim Kommando show, she just happened to mention how well your books sell on Amazon. Now I kind of have a stupid question, I love your books, know my brother would too, but he hates the ereaders, are your books published in paperback? Love you to pieces, Stacy Coates
kim says:
As a reader, I know how much joy and laughter you have given me. The fact you emailed me and responded personally to a comment I made was also humbling. Your time and dedication, as well as your honesty have made me appreciate your work even more! Thank you for bringing me into the world of your characters and sharing your inspiration and good manners. Continued success from a faithful fan.
Maggie says:
I have appreciated your correspondences and hope you continue. I am waiting for the next one saying a new Donovan is just about ready - so get those fingers working - WINK
Michelle Bower
Michelle Bower says:
I think it's awesome that you write to us readers personally. You are only the second author that has ever done that with me & I have both responses printed out & I've kept them because it meant so much. I think it's exciting & thoughtful for an author to do this, & it makes the reader feel special plus... it makes me just want to keep on reading & supporting you all the more because you took the time out of your busy life to send a friendly note. Thanks so much!!!
Alice Feldman
Alice Feldman says:
Dear John, Thank you for thanking us. I believe I was hooked on your quirky killer in Saving Rachel. However since I read all your publishing , I can't be sure that was the first one. At any rate, although I greatly appreciate the personal touch I don't want you to take time away from writing more stories! Keep up the tales, we're hungry for more. Alice Feldman
Helen Benoit
Helen Benoit says:
Music is just notes on paper until it is played. Then it is heard by many and becomes part of their lives for the moment or perhaps for ever. An author puts words on paper, not for self gratification but to give them life; so that they too can part of the living world. You give life to characters and environments that until they were put on paper, existed only in your mind. Then with generosity and hope, you share those intimate creations with others; allowing their minds into yours. For those of like minds it becomes a pleasant reciprocal relationship. The author thanks us for entering his world and the reader thanks the author for sharing his. Thank you, for trusting us and for the acknowledgment of our mutual relationship.
Kelly Bolton
Kelly Bolton says:
Hi John I reeived a personal response from you. At first I didn't believe it was really you, but soon came to realize that it really was you! I appreciated that more than you'll know. I've read all your books and eagerly look forward to more. I recommend them to everyone I talk to. Thanks again, Your friend Kelly
Tabitha says:
John, I too was very surprised and happy to receive a personal response to my email that I had sent to you. I have been telling my friends and family about you also and how I was very pleased that you actually responded to my email. Last we emailed I had started reading Saving Rachel and now I am almost done with Wish List. Thank you for writing for us and making your books affordable on the Kindle. Tabitha
Vickie says:
Love your books...I had only read a couple of yours until I got my Kindle (thanks honey) Now I want to read everything that comes out of your head!! Thanks and keep up the good work Vickie :)
Tony Woodall
Tony Woodall says:
John, Thanks for writing to me. I have never had an author reply personally. I enjoyed your books and will continue to look for them and read them when they come out. It's all about Customer Service. Thanks, Tony
Tara S.
Tara S. says:
Hi John! I also was very pleasantly surprised by your personal response to my email. I actually went to my husband and mother and said: "ooooo you're gonna be jealous...*I* received a *personal* email from my favorite author today!" they were laughing at me for a good 5 minutes :-) Thank you again for replying and I am very much looking forward to the next Creed book. I like him so much I kinda wish he was real! Lol Sincerely, Tara
Hayley says:
Mr. Locke, You are not only a wonderfully gifted author you are also an incredible person! Your great attitude makes me love and appreciate your work even more. Definately my new favorite author!!! Thank you! Hayley
Lawrence says:
I downloaded all of your books in one night and finished them a week later...great read...great characters and I think I spotted Callie the other day in Kalgoorlie Western Australia ! Keep up the great work which adds a bit of escapism to our lives.....right back to Kalgoorlie to look for gold..... Best wishes....Lawrence ....Perth West Australia
bill tharp ------------------------------------- Bellevue, NE
bill tharp ------------------------------------- Bellevue, NE says:
loved Vegas Moon ---- When's your next book coming out?? ------- Creed or Western --- don't make any difference to me -------- Will be watching the Derby today--- and will choke up when the "old Ky. Home is played ---- do it every year ---- coming back to Louisville this Aug. for my 55th Shawnee High School Reunion. Keep pounding the old key board ----------- started to say typewritter !!! Best Regards, Bill
tracy says:
You are too good to be true - both in fiction and real life! I am almost sad I have finished all your books. Looking very forward to the next one.
Carrie says:
I found your Donovan Creed books by accident after I got my Kindle and after I read the first one in the series, I had to read them all! I just love the character. He's so witty and funny. I've told friends that I found your books and couldn't believe how cheap they were. I just finished the last Creed book and I need more so I just bought the first Emmett Love book. Thank you for some great books and please write faster. More Creed!
Barb S. in Kansas
Barb S. in Kansas says:
Like I said, John ....... YOU ROCK! Now when am I going to be able to get that darned book???? :-)
Marjean says:
When I received your lovely reply I was so honored. Keep up the good work. Your readers love you.
Kate Madison-Author
John, You are such an amazing person in both character and intellect. Giving your fans (like me) your time and wisdom is such a generous act. I know I, for one, am incredibly grateful. Thanks for being you. Kate
Bonzer Wolf
Bonzer Wolf says:
Found you via the Kindle. I'm a retired Homeland Security agent and following the adventures of Donavan Creed is great fun. Emmet Love is a great addition. Keep 'em coming!
uranturaver says:
I really liked what you did with your 99 cents book, your article on Michael J Fox was heartfelt as I have a good friend fighting cancer and her strength & courage have astounded me. Your blog on Michael really explained this well. I'm also about to publish a book & it's great to see how you went outside the 'norm' and published the way you did. Very inspiring and great to know that that so called 'experts' don't always know what's a great read (or not). All the very best, Uranturaver & @cassykindly
Wendy says:
John, I love your books and have read them all. When you personally responded to me...You have a fan for life!
Cat says:
Well, I haven't read any of your books [yet], but I'm already impressed! I found your books on Amazon, read a few reviews, and bought the first three in the Donovan Creed series. I can't wait to get started, but had to drop a note to let you know I love your attitude! Thx.
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen says:
Posts like this only make me want to buy your books more. Thanks for being a nice guy. Sarah Allen (my creative writing blog)
Bob Avey
Bob Avey says:
I agree, John. I'm new to the ebook scene, but I've always cherished the emails and letters I've received from readers. Readers rock. Bob Avey Beneath a Buried House
jerry trueman
I appreciate your attitude. I'm an old geezer ( hitting 87 in july) and of the same mind as you regarding common courtesy. I've just started reading "Don't Poke the Bear" after having read the rest of your books in the past two weeks. I must confess I was seduced by the 99 cent cost but these books have given me and my beautiful lady friend pleasure worth so much more. I know how you feel when unknown readers compliment you as do viewers of my art work. Take a peek. Enjoy. Jerry Trueman
Making the case for e-readers | Occasional Planet
[...] As a would-be writer, I find avoiding several “middlemen” in the publishing world immensely attractive. An author could [in theory] self-publish straight to electronic format, set their own price, and be wildly successful. They would never “sell out” because e-books are limitless. After everyone gets a piece of the action, I could make .35 cents per .99 cent e-book and still rake in over a quarter of a million dollars by selling a million copies. Think it hasn’t been done? Meet John Locke. [...]
M K Lester
M K Lester says:
I'm an avid Kindle fan - only read on Kindle now - no printed books. Kindle Nation (S. Windwalker) rarely steers readers in the wrong direction with its recommendations. I thank them for introducing me to your Creed series and thank you for writing them...Really, really enjoyed all of them. Have now finished both Emmett Love books and anxiously await the next. A blurb at the end of Don't Poke the Bear tells us we'll enjoy Now and Then since it shows how Rose protects the first generation of Creed and Love ancestors. Soooo....I re-read Now and Then and am trying my best to determine the ancestry lines... Is this something that will be explained in future books or am I totally missing the obvious??? If I never figure this out I'll still be a grateful fan for life. Thank you, Mr. Locke!!
Maria Pineda
Maria Pineda says:
Hi John, I just finished reading Don't Poke The Bear. An immensely enjoyable book as usual. Funny and touching at the same time. Please tell me that the next book is coming soon. More Donovan and more Emmet,can't get enough of both of them! Thanks, Maria
Abiola says:
As a writer who has "only" published one book so far I have to say that you inspire me. Thank you for this post. You deserve every success. xo
Brian Bartes
Brian Bartes says:
Well said, John. The other thing you're doing is OVER-delivering, which is a rare occurrence in today's world. I just published my newest book, Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life. I hope to learn a few tips and techniques about book marketing from your "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!" Congratulations, and best wishes for your continued success! Brian Bartes
Donna McDonald
John, I do the same thing. A fellow writer who mentored me when I became an Indie author told me that he personally answered all his communications from readers. I've been out since March of this year and connected with readers from the very beginning. I answer emails, tweets, FB posts, and any other communication I get from my readers. I hope I never get too busy to do this personally because I enjoy connecting with them. I have a book out to my editor now that readers have been asking for endlessly and my enjoyment of working on it was dramatically increased knowing they were waiting. When I put up a sample on my Facebook site, I was smiling all day at how happy I had made them. Sure I hope for sales--of course I do because I see this as a job--but I want more to hear what readers think about it. Did it make them laugh? Was it what they expected? Did I wrap up the series well? (It was Book 4.) I've started a second series. I'd like them to be just as pleased with the next one. The readers are the reason for everything. BTW, congratulations on your achievement of selling 1 million ebooks. I love to hear that. It is good to see a fellow Indie make the list alongside the big players, but also a fellow Kentuckian (I live in Lexington). I wish you continued success in your work. I also like your blog and will be following you.
Stephen Skinner
I have been published a number of times before, but I was just thinking of venturing into digital format, so the Kindle email about you being a Kindle 'millionaire,' and having written a book about your marketing strategies was very exciting. Imagine therefore my disappointment when I went to Amazon just to find that your book on how to do it was not available. I live in Singapore, and Amazon blocks all Asia Pacific sales. Why is that? So disappointing. :-(
Mano says:
Congratulations for becoming 'the newest member of the “Kindle Million Club,” and the first independently published author to receive this distinction!'... And my best wishes for your continued success. I just opened my email and saw this inspiring news from Kindle Newsletter. I am new to your books. I am buying now...
Noor A Jahangir
Hi John, I just self-published my first novel through Smashwords and Kindle Direct last week. I came across your story today on about achieving the million sales mark and was greatly inspired. Thank you. Noor A Jahangir
Why I Personally Respond to My Readers | mystichawker
[...] Why I Personally Respond to My Readers. This is a way cool post by John Locke. More people need this kind of attitude. This entry was posted in Writing. Bookmark the permalink. ← Contracts and stuff LikeBe the first to like this post. [...]
Kerin Gale
Kerin Gale says:
Wow! This is just like history happening right before our eyes. I've shared the news about amazon now selling more digital books than printed and how you have sold so many on twitter and facebook. No one had heard this and everyone was blown away and really interested to know more. Especially that you are self-published and what I think of your "how to" marketing book for authors. I thought I was in for a big disappointment at first but I think you really came through with the goods about midway through the book and continued on to the end. Bravo and thanks so much!!! As far as this post of yours about returning all the emails, I was pretty overwhelmed when the online book tour for my book was going on-- it was great but I couldn't imagine finding the time to respond to all the comments. There were 1400 visitors to my blog the first day and 1600 the second day. That also was from twitter/facebook activity. So I can see how the build up of numbers can happen just as you describe in your book. Because of you I'm inspired to write a fiction book(s) and am using several tools to help get everything down as I envision the book to be. I plan to follow your marketing advice as closely as I can since I do see a lot of value in your experiences and what you've shared with the rest of us. I don't know if you've considered a how to writing book but for myself I think it would be great to read what you have to say about that challenge and how you work through your process. I have a similar quirky humor and want to make sure that comes out in the book. My very favorite books have a lot of action and are really funny. There have been comments about the humor in my instructional art book and hope those that like how I write in there will want more of the same. GBL right! Thanks a lot Donavon, er I mean John for sharing how you thought out the process of your marketing activities. Very helpful!!! : ) Kerin
Robin Sullivan
John, I couldn't agree with you more. Not only does my husband respond to each email but he also sends private messages to people on Good Reads and adds comments to reviews left on Amazon. Many of his fan mail starts off the same way...I'm sorry to bother you but just wanted to say....Hah! Don't they realize how hearing someone loved your book is the fuel that feeds a writer's fire? How can you not write back to that! Robin Sullivan | Write2Publish | Ridan Publishing
Donn James
Donn James says:
Thank you for Donovan, Kevin, Connor, Emmett, Wayne & Rose. I have enjoyed the ride since it began and hope it continues. All the best.
Ron says:
Ive bought every one of your books and each one is better than the last. Keep up the great work!
bob crew
bob crew says:
It of course makes good sense to respond to one's readers, not merely because it is hopefully fun, but because there is often much to be learned. I have just published on Kindle a very raunchy novel, Sex As We Know It, in addtion to some other titles, without having any clear idea of who Kindle readers are. What kind of readers are they? Are theydifferent from other more tradtional readers? If so, in which way? Are they the same kind of readers that one meets in high-street bookshops in London where I live? Or at literary festivals? I have tried to explore some of these questions in my Kindle fictional short story Getting The Kindle Habit. Previously from the world of print publishing, I know that the marketing departments of print publishers think that they know the answers to these questions and advise their authors accordingly. But there is no serious readership profile available to Kindle authors. Kindle is a new kind of publishing, but is it for a new kind of reader, or the same old bookworms of yester-year who have gone off shore, as it were? Do tell! Regards The World Husbands, Sex As We Know It, Getting the Kindle Habit.
Neil Warren
Neil Warren says:
Hello John - I was intrigued and delighted to come across your piece in The Sunday Times (26-06-2011), including your life spent selling this and that, including now a few million ebooks (well done!). And I was just wondering if you had any time or energy (or money making potential) to share a bit of all that with the rest of the UK's (wannabe) sales professionals? I'm Neil ("Publisher" whilst we were a print or online "magazine", now more a Discussion Hub Facilitator / Moderator), and the place to check us out is - plus LinkedIn Group of the same name - if that sounds appealing. Still kind regards, congratulations, applause and best wishes for the future though, if not - Neil
Mary says:
I just stumbled across your e-book How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months via a recommendation from Holly Lisle since I'm taking her course. I saw your author page on amazon then clicked through when I saw the link and blog post title here. This post alone convinced me to download the kindle app for my PC and buy all of your books (I was already planning on buying the above mentioned one). I am the exact same way. I respond to all @ mentions on twitter, all comments on my facebook page, and every e-mail I get. I agree not only is it good manners but I want the people leaving comments, taking the time to talk to me, etc to know that I appreciate everything. Plus the interaction with people really is the some of the best part of it all. Looking forward to reading your books, have heard from some people that they are fantastic.
Journey says:
You really saved my skin with this ifnromtaion. Thanks!
Sundance says:
Frankly I think that's asboltluey good stuff.
Suzanne Stephens
Mr. Locke, I've been having fun applying your tips for using social media for ebook marketing to marketing my real estate website design services. Thought you'd be interested to know that because of the Google+ "circles" concept and better "people finder" than Facebook, I've been able in just 3 days to get 243 Realtors to follow my posts. As a result, I'm getting a significantly higher rate of views of my blog from Google+. For example, 27 referrals from Google+ yesterday and only 1 from Facebook. Only 1 from Twitter during the last 3 days. And in just three days, 2 new prospects for my rather expensive services have contacted me. If you're interested in joining Google+, you may now be able to get in without an invitation. If not, I'll be happy to send you an invitation to join Google+ if you'll send me your email address.
Natalie says:
Mr. Locke, I just finished your first book and am looking forward to more Donovan Creed adventures. I loved the Princess Bride quotes - hysterical! I was hoping you'd squeeze in "Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line." I might have fallen off my chair laughing if that had been the case! Good luck in your future endeavors. You've secured yourself another fan. Regards, Natalie
Tony Grossl
Tony Grossl says:
I'm in my 60's and have a twisted sense of humor. Your books are right up my alley. i always find myself laughing aloud and get a lot of strange looks. you are great at mixing murder, mayhem, humor and a little sex. I'm always looking forward to your next book. From one Kentuckian to another, thanks very much.
Kirkus MacGowan
I saw a best selling author on kindle, read the descriptions for your books, and then jumped to a conclusion. This guy probably has no time for anybody and is just raking in the cash. And no, I'm normally not a negative person. Out of curiosity I bought your how-to book. Saying I was surprised would be an understatement. Then I looked you up on Twitter, and then your blog. Thank you for showing me my stereotyping was wrong. I can't emphasize enough how awesome it is to see someone in your position show the gratitude and manners that you do. Just bought the first Donovan Creed novel, I hope I don't get sucked in too much. Have a great week! Kirkus MacGowan
Linda Parkinson-Hardman
About two months ago I picked up your ebook 'How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!' from the Amazon Kindle email newsletter. I have to admit I was intrigued because we see lots of these claims flying around the web all the time and most of them are based on smoke and mirrors, but your claim was pretty easy to verify - and it stacked up. I bought the book and read through several times just to make sure I hadn't missed anything at all ... and then I smiled; here was someone I'd love to meet someday because it seems that we have very similar values when it comes to who we want to be in life. I've been using the social web for many years (long before Facebook or Twitter came along) and in all that time I've always tried to respond to people that contact me in whatever format, because as you say 'it's just good manners'. Over the years, I've had a few rants on my blog about all sorts of things, but most recently it's been down to people's activity on the social web and two of my most recent blog posts were called 'Please don't invite me to connect on LinkedIn unless you really mean it' and 'Missing presumed dead, please and thank you have left the social web'. When I spotted this post of yours I just had to respond. Thank you; slowly I'm beginning to find that I'm not the only person on the planet who thinks it's even more important to be polite and courteous online because not only do you get less than one chance to make a good impression you also have only one chance to have a conversation and let's face it, it's that conversation that makes the world turn these days. PS: I've noticed that some of the reviews left on the Amazon page for the book are less than complimentary and I think it's because they don't really understand the message you were trying to tell them - it's a relationship you're building with readers and that is always going to take hard work and interest; it's not, and never will be, a quick fix or solution to a poor marketing strategy.
Randall Barker
Randall Barker says:
I wasn't a fan of how the second Emmittt and Gentry book ended....couldn't wait for the next installment of Emmitt and Gentry....bought it the first day it was available and devoured it....loved it and was so much happier with the ending of installment #3. Waiting for #4!!!
Lilly says:
I have read all your books and I have to say I just love them! I stumbled on your blog from a post written in the Daily Mail (I am in Australia) and so glad I did. What a down to earth, gentleman you are. And you are hilarious. You deserve all your success and it is just an inspirational story. Yours I mean - how about a book about that sometime. Just one more fan to add to the long list.
Norma Budden
Norma Budden says:
Hi Sheena, The book industry is changing so much. Now, the same books you and I can read on Kindles or other e-readers are not necessarily in print form - or, when they are, they are often printed on demand when someone orders them. In a sense, it is a shame but it does save a lot of money and it definitely saves trees and energy. As for earning 35 cents each book, it's not bad at all considering John retails these books at 99 cents. When you consider the hosting site taking a cut as well as affiliates who promote his work, it's actually pretty good. In case you are wondering, I did not write this on behalf of John. In fact, he'll be surprised to read this. I was just reading through some comments and could not help but respond.
Norma Budden
Norma Budden says:
John, I must admit that I love this blog. It may not be packed with a lot of words but it definitely brings homes a point - an important one. My thoughts mirror your own - and I enjoyed the use of the word, 'flippin.' It's a term I often use myself. :)
erikcorr says:
Great books! John you helped me get refocused on epublishing my Christmas and Halloween novella and now I have to finish my Thriller novel. The last leg is always the hardest part. I think you are successful since you dont come from a writers mind set but a business mindset and you know that writers are the biggest readers! :)
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