Emmett Love

Emmett Love

International best-selling author John Locke (Saving Rachel, Wish List, Now & Then, Lethal People, Lethal Experiment) tackles a new genre, with hilarious results. “Butch Cassidy Meets City Slickers!”

“Picture if you can…Jason Bourne and Monty Python do Dodge. I give it 5 hearty pokes!”

Follow the Stone became the #1 western on Amazon/Kindle within a week and held that position until it was replaced by Don’t Poke the Bear, at which point the novels were #1 and #2!

Follow the Stone (an Emmett Love Western) by

Follow the Stone (an Emmett Love Western)

Follow the Stone – (an Emmett Love Western – Volume 1) is a good-hearted, rollicking story about a former gunslinger and his crablike scout, who journey West with a mail order bride, a witch, and a wagon full of prostitutes!

Don’t Poke the Bear (an Emmett Love Western) by

Don’t Poke the Bear (an Emmett Love Western)

Don’t Poke the Bear – (an Emmett Love Western – Volume 2) The saga of Emmett and Gentry continues in Don’t Poke the Bear!

After the former gunslinger and prostitute open a saloon in Dodge City, Kansas, Emmett kills a man in self-defense and winds up inheriting a dancing bear. But that surprise pales in comparison to the secret his witchy friend, Rose, has been keeping from him since the day they met…

Emmett & Gentry (an Emmett Love Western) by

Emmett & Gentry (an Emmett Love Western)

Emmett & Gentry – (an Emmett Love Western – Volume 3) The saga of Donovan Creed’s ancestors continues in Emmett & Gentry, the third book in the Emmett Love western adventure series.

Still in chains after serving twenty-eight months for a crime he didn’t commit, former gunslinger and sheriff, Emmett Love, heads to Dodge City to find Gentry, the love of his life. What he finds instead is a ghost town, ravaged by the Civil War, and ten town widows who are determined to make him forget about his sweetheart.

Goodbye, Enorma by

Goodbye, Enorma

In this hilarious, free-wheeling western adventure, Sheriff Emmett Love works overtime to protect the town’s most popular resident, a 14-year-old early-blooming female aptly named Enorma Stitz. Enorma, coveted by every man within 100 miles of Dodge City—and every Indian tribe—is a handful in every sense of the word.

Meanwhile, Gentry has her hands full keeping the aggressive women of Dodge from stealing her man. She’s also trying to raise her daughter, Scarlett Rose, to be a normal, loving child, despite the fact her meddling Godmother Rose seems determined to turn Scarlett into a witch.