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My wife of 25 years recently remarked, “You don’t have very many friends.”

I said, “You can’t be serious! I have hundreds!” 

“Name five,” she said.

“Donovan Creed, Callie Carpenter, Emmett Love, Gideon Box, Dani Ripper. Shall I continue?”

“Please do.”

“Augustus Quinn, Rose Stout, Buddy Pancake, Libby Vail, Bose Rennick, Willow Breeland—”

“Wait,” She interrupted. “Did you just say Buddy Pancake?”

“Of course. And his wife, Lissie.”

“Who are these people? How is it I’ve never heard their names before?”

“They’re characters in the books I’ve written.”

She gave me a funny look. “You’ve written books?”

I sighed. She’s right. The vast majority of my friends are imaginary. You can’t possibly be surprised to hear this. I mean, you’ve read my books, right? Would you want to be friends with me?

Kevin and Sam SorboNevertheless, I’m in the early stages of cultivating a friendship with two movie stars, Kevin and Sam Sorbo. You’ll remember Kevin from his starring role in Hercules, the #1 syndicated TV show in the world. And you know gorgeous Sam (Jenkins) Sorbo from her modeling career, or her work on such shows as Chicago Hope, or her popular radio show on Talk Radio Network.

Kevin and his wife, Sam, are amazing, wonderful people, and I’m extremely proud to be their friend. I’d be even prouder if they had the first clue who I am, because our “friendship” is currently one-sided (read: imaginary). But I feel really close to them (Stalker alert!) because of Kevin’s amazing book, "True Strength."

I love this book! It came highly recommended by one of my actual people friends, Steve Jackson, who liked it so much he bought a copy and sent it to me. So now here I am, paying it forward, using my blog space to promote Kevin’s book.

Think about that. You know me. I rarely post blogs, and only when I have something important to say. By way of proof, you’ll note I haven’t posted a blog in more than two years, even though I’ve published eight books during that time. If I haven’t used my blog to promote my own work, why, for the first time ever, would I use it to promote another author’s work?

Is it because I’m sucking up to Kevin and Sam, hoping to become their Kentucky friend? No. Weird as I am I probably wouldn’t even show up if they came to town and invited me to lunch. Is it because I’m getting a cut of Kevin’s book sales? No. I’m not getting a penny. The reason I’m telling you about Kevin’s book is I’m convinced it can be the weapon that helps you when you need it most. See, Kevin was this amazing physical specimen who suffered a sudden, devastating medical tragedy that nearly took his life. At the peak of his career he lost everything he thought was important, only to learn—through struggle—that the most important things in life were the ones he always took for granted.

True Strength is loaded with coping mechanisms you’ll absolutely need at some point in your life. How can I be so sure? Because sooner or later we’re all going to get terribly sick, or suffer a serious accident. And when that happens, the techniques Kevin and Sam have shared will prove invaluable to you, your friends, and your loved ones.

Here’s a small example: During the worst part of his physical ordeal, Kevin was advised to list the things for which he was grateful. Sounds simplistic, but here’s the twist: Kevin was told not to list the big, obvious things, like being grateful he’s still alive. Rather, he was told to note the smallest things possible. For example, when you get up tomorrow morning and take your shower, ask yourself: Is the water hot? If so, be grateful, and put it on your list, because most people take their hot water for granted. I certainly used to! And when I read that section in Kevin’s book my first thought was, if I had to list every minuscule item I’m grateful for, by the end of the day I’d have ten thousand things on my list! —and suddenly I realized, that’s the point!

Compared to all the great advice in the book the example I just gave isn’t even close to the best I could share, but it’s the first one that moved me to action. While I don’t write these small blessings down on paper, I now find myself thinking about them constantly, and it’s already having an impact, helping me cope with the stress in my life, and making me a better person. I could tell you so much more, like how Kevin learned why you should “never put your life on hold for an illness,” and how Sam taught him that “people will treat you the way you teach them to treat you”—but honestly, Kevin and Sam tell it far better than I can, so I’ll direct you to the book.

Kevin SorboThanks to his fantastic coping skills, his incredibly supportive wife, and his indomitable spirit, Kevin Sorbo survived the “perfect storm” illness and is currently thriving. And he and Sam can teach you—and your close friends and family members—how to do the same. The book is inspirational, but it’s more than that. It’s also filled with the information and life skills you’re going to need far sooner than you think.

Order it now, and thank me later. Here’s the link:

Kevin and Sam Sorbo

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