If you’re a Donovan Creed fan, and want to know what OOU means, go to this link and ask someone on the discussion thread: http://tinyurl.com/4mlbwzg

If you know you’re an OOU, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a message to show your support!

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Lene says:
I really enjoy your books... I mostly read on night shifts, and they certainly keep me awake! Just bought the last 6.. I'd only read 2 so far. Cheers Lene
Scott Rachal
Scott Rachal says:
Is there going to be a continuation to Vegas Moon?
Bob says:
I have read all of your books thanks to my Kindle I have enjoyed all of them. I would like to see a continuation of Vegas Moon as well. Keep them coming.
Ernie Tee
Ernie Tee says:
I discovered John Locke's books on the kindle and have read every one of them. Great books, good stories and keeps me wanting more of his stories. Thanks
Jennifer says:
Read all the Donovan Creed books and I WANT MORE please!!! :o)
julia says:
please write faster!
Cara says:
Love, love, love Donovan Creed!!! Reading them again and I *never* re-read books. Yours are just that good!! Plus very convenient on kindle iPhone. Please write faster - but keep the substance. Thanks for the awesome entertainment! True fan!
Victor Stanley
Victor Stanley says:
Just wanted to say great books. The fact that you can create a story and and a lesson in such a fashion is awesome. I can't say I'm your greatest fan however I have told everyone that I thought would enjoy them to read and enjoy. Thanks for the books and I look for more to come. I hope that YOU keep writing them and not do like so many other authors and pump their work out. Vic
George Armstrong
George Armstrong says:
I guess I will just echo the sentiments of all John Locke fans. Keep writing!!! I love the incredible mix of wit and dark humor. Sometimes I laugh out loud (that really makes people wonder...) while reading and it just reminds me that John is a new kind of author. Another thing that is funny is whenever I describe Creed books to friends, they always give me a funny look. I mean, come on... try it some time and you'll see. Midg.. oops! short people running social experiments, etc. I'm currently finished with all of the John Locke books, so I've had to switch off to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Not as dark as Creed, but definitely refreshingly funny. Thanks again for the books!
Tom Evans
Tom Evans says:
Having just read your ebook on how to sell 1 million books, you inspired me to blog like I've never blogged before - http://www.tomevans.co/2011/06/26/circle-of-influence/
Joe Camp
Joe Camp says:
Thanks so much for How I sold 1 Million eBooks..." My fans (The Soul of a Horse) are every bit as devoted and passionate as yours. Now you've shown me how I can enjoy that and even put food on the table :). Without guilt! Wil keep you posted. Reading Rachel now.
Jacqueline Armstrong
Jacqueline Armstrong says:
I am just now reading your book How I Sold.... and as I read I realized how true it was what you were talking about in terms of the marketing. I am that reader/customer who connected with you and your books through twitter. Now let me take a brief moment to describe how I fit your target audience . I am 71 years old and have been a consummate reader 64 of those years and I am at the point were I enjoy a little escape of harsh reality through the occasional fantasy that there is a hero out who there ( even though he has to murder/kill now and then ) to win for the good side and he does it with humour, so your books fit well within my enjoyment needs. Now as to how I connected with you and your books on twitter , I have always had this insatiable curiosity that I needed to know about as much as I can (I truly believe that is why I haven't had time to die yet) , so that one day I heard about twitter I had to figure it out. Now because most of my interest is in books and authors I began following that particular area on twitter. I wish I could remember which one on twitter directed me toward you or your books but can't . Another important thing that you spoke about in you marketing plan was the low cost and importance of the continuity of the series. I have to admit because of the good reviews and the low cost ( I have never been one to hold with the higher the cost the better value) I bought all your books before reading one (I am a bit of risk taker once in awhile but at 99 cents a book what the hell ) from amazon. The end result is that I enjoyed every one of the books and will continue to do so as well as pass on recommendations to others. I would like to be informed of any new releases, also if you would like to use any comment I have made as a positive review please do so with my full endorsement, small return I have received for such enjoyment at such low cost, a rarity in this world today.
Tamara Biggio
Laughed out loud while reading one of your samples. Howie was interesting as well. working on my next blog and book. Please keep writing, I can't wait to read what you have already done and I am sure I will be left wanting more.
Pamela Small
Pamela Small says:
I am thoroughly delighted with the Donovan Creed series. These books pique a reader's interest with thrilling suspenseful moments, interspersed with laugh-out-loud humor. What a terrific combination for fun and light summer ( or anytime) reading! I was introduced to John Locke via a "lend me" book on NOOK. I have now downloaded more, but am afraid to read them all because I am addicted to Donovan Creed and know I will be so disappointed when I must wait for the next book! By the way, when will the next Donovan Creed adventure be published? Kudos to Mr. Locke for targeting an audience that enjoys the escapism of "good" killers-for-hire along with humorous dialogue and well researched anecdotes (i.e. "O" performance at the Bellagio)! I appreciate the restraint that is used in language and graphic violence... so far!
Lori lorenz
Lori lorenz says:
I've read them all on my iPhone Kindle app...I bought The Love You Crave yesterday morning and finished it last night. Is the next one ready yet??? I hate going through withdrawal between each one...
Karma Gourley
Karma Gourley says:
Love your books, keep them coming!
Sara Underwood
Sara Underwood says:
I'm a pretty picky reader, and usually not a fan of popular fiction. I like good plots, well written narrative, and believable dialogue. After spending too much money on poorly written books for my e-reader, I was delighted to find John Locke's books. They're a bit like Mickey Spillane meets Elmore Leonard, with a contemporary twist. Oh, and did I mention funny? I've been telling all my friends to try one. At a buck a book, it's a win/win proposition! I also think that this is a great business model for writers interested in getting their work into the hands of potential fans. Brilliant!
Terri says:
I love love love the Donovan Creed and Emmett Stone books. Keep them coming!
ml ryan
ml ryan says:
...whatcha lookin' here fer? Getcha self to it! Aint got nufffin to read!
Dewayne says:
Mr. Locke, Your books are amazing, I've never read a series quite like the Donavan Creed series. I too laughed out loud. WOW!!! I do have one comment to make. I hope you have something planned for Emmette, Rudy, Gentry and Rose because I can hardly wait!!!!!! An addicted fan, Dewayne PS- I am OOU
Marianna says:
Love Love Love your Creed novels! So much more entertaining than anything on television!
delia battersby
delia battersby says:
oou im gutted,just read and loved the love you crave.omg how long until the next installment.cant belive ive got to wait.i just love your novels,i even bought my husband a kindle so he too could read them,now he is as hooked as me.(no more room in our home for books)hurry ,please..
Marsha Butler
Marsha Butler says:
Thank you for your book "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months"- I am so happy to have a sales plan now for marketing my fiction book; your plan is so clear and makes a ton of sense! Thanks to you I am ready to go forward with marketing my book & I am so excited too! Thank you for writing & publishing this book - such a great help & came to me at the right time. - M.J. Butler
Cindy says:
Either I read too fast or you are writing too slow! I absolutely LOVE your books. I made the mistake of trying to fill the void by picking up another series until you had one ready. It's been 2months and I just finished the 2nd book. I happened to check and find "Love You Crave". That was finished in 2 days!! I have a co-worker hooked as well. Keep them coming!
Judith Lincoln
Judith Lincoln says:
Keep the Creed novels coming! Read #8 in under 22 hours. Need more and I know you have more inside waiting to be written. We'll all be waiting. Thanks
pawx3 says:
Have read all your e-books, except for the one about becoming an author, and enjoyed all! I am constantly checking for new releases. Please keep them coming. I've been a Dean Koontz fan for years, and am happy to find someone that can satisfy my reading appetite the way Dean does. Thank you for the opportunity to reply. Take care
Clarissa says:
I LOVE Donovan! I have read all the books and cannot wait for the next. U started the first book 7/8/2011 and just finished the final 8/5/2011. Wow is all I can say besides....... Please hurry with the next!!!!!!!! It really has been the best adventures for just .99 a pop.
Shelly says:
Best way I've ever burned a buck. Keep writing and I'll keep burning. Got my Mom and Sister hooked too. Love how you shoot from the hip and never miss!!!!
Nora says:
I'm reading your book on how you sold a million E-Books because my sister writes so it's research but as I'm reading it it makes me want to read some od your others. thank you for your insight.
Matty says:
Very well done Mr.Locke! I am an avid fan of CIA/political/NSA/DIA/Spys, etc... Some of my favorites; vince flynn, brad thor, mike lawson, alex berenson... And John Locke. Mr.Locke you are an excellent change of pace for readers like me. I am a soldier in the U.S. ARMY, and im always reading on my down time. In fact all your novels were read in 1 - 2 Days tops. I apreciate your sense of humor and your style of writing. Cant wait to see whats next for Creed! I wish i had more time to speak my mind but i dont. God Bless and keep up the excellant work!
Keith Shoop
Keith Shoop says:
While reading your "How To" book on Kindle, I was surprised to find that of the 37 books I've read on Kindle since buying it last November, 10 of them are yours. Guess that makes me an OOU.
Keith Shoop
Keith Shoop says:
BTW, how cool is it that Rose showed up in the Emmet West saga!
Wayne Clark
Wayne Clark says:
After stumbling upon Lethal, I quickly bought all your books for fear the price would rise. I'm hooked trying to figure out what's coming next. As a result I reread the books to try and pick up hints. What I found out was I enjoyed the books just as much if not more the second time through. I tried to get my wife interested but she thought LP was too violent. I got her to read Saving Rachel, now she's interested. Don't stop. My kind of entertainment.
Joey O'Connor
Hi John, I've read your book "How I sold..." and I have recommended it to many people! You did a great job and I am following many of the steps you suggested, especially with my blog. I have been working hard on getting my backlist of books converted into ebooks and following your steps...it's working! Today's post is in honor of my niece who was married last Saturday. The following Monday, I went to the funeral of an amazing woman. My story is called: A Wedding and A Funeral. http://www.joeyo.org/2011/08/a-wedding-a-funeral/#more-1811 Thank you for the coaching and inspiration. I hope you like the story! Best to you, Joey O'Connor
Jacki W
Jacki W says:
I am OOU :) I have read every single book and am patiently waiting for the next. I usually hate all "period" pieces so I purchased the first Emmett Love book with doubts and I am glad I did. I immediately purchased and read the second one. I love the depth and different dimensions you give your characters. A good story will only take you so far, but a good story and characters you can empathize with are key. I am a busy mom of 3 girls 1,7, and 15. I have a full time job, a house to take care of, and a husband to cuddle with but I still manage to squeeze out some time for a John Locke book. I can appreciate that they are not too lengthy because i am short on time. I know I am rambling but I wanted to share my appreciation for your talent. Keep up the great work!
QuantumSam says:
Thanks for the enjoyment of reading Mr Creed's adventures. It's a very guilty pleasure. Now hurry up, finish writing and have Creed take out Sam once and for all.
C. Tapley
C. Tapley says:
I am most definitely OOU. Cant wait for the next book in either Emmet Love or Donovan Creed to come out.
Jeremy Poole
Jeremy Poole says:
I've only read the first three, but i'm definetly OOU. Within two weeks i should be finished and have completed the initiation.!
Mark Jensen
Mark Jensen says:
John, I've been on this ebook journey with you, and. am proud to be OOU. Having purchased and read your latest, (How I Sold...) I realize as well that I am a proud member of your sales force. Your plan has been a brilliant one and while you certainly did all of the R&D for us I have to say as part of the sales department - you have really, really underpriced that one. We could have serialized it - made it a 'course! John, John, John - when are you going to start cashing in on wall these readers? What? You really do care? Well okay, but the publishing houses have never done that. Thanks so much John, consider me 'in' for the long haul. (Is there priphit-sharing bonuses for the sales force?)
Mark Jensen
Mark Jensen says:
Should never have tried typing that on a cell phone. Sorry.
Martin Green
Martin Green says:
Really enjoying the Donovan Creed books. Bought the first, read it, then bought all the others. I'm also writing my first book that I think will be of a suitable quality for anyone else to read, so I bought your How I Sold… book too. Watch this space! Many thanks for everything, John.
Karol Linden
Karol Linden says:
Love your books!!! Thanks for making them so readily available and reasonable. I can't wait for the next ones.
Curtis says:
I'm like moth to a flame the characters are mostly killers ,who kill without much thought ,some innocent but mostly bad, but I just can't turn away.!
Stephanie says:
More, please!!!
Sue says:
I love To laugh when reading and your books do it for me every time! Addicted and OOU!
Con says:
I have read all of teh Creed series and cannot wait for the next. They are addictive.
Candy Daoust
Candy Daoust says:
Can't get enough of John Locke's books! The minute I get one I HAVE to start reading - forget the housework. The only problem is that I have a hard waiting for the next book. Mr. Locke never disappoints. I am an avid reader and find him to be my all-time favorite author! Candy
Eric says:
Yes, I'm OOU too. Read them all and now there isn't a next book (yet). I hope there is another Emmett and Gentry soon. Never liked westerns until now. Also, like Donovan Creed very much. Had to check my attic to make sure there wasn't a secret hiding place there!
BonBon says:
Hey there John, just looking around at your page - very nice, I like it :-) I wanted to check in, too, as it's been a while since I've commented or read any comments. For a while, there was one really major excitable fan who seemed to feel she was the moderator and honestly, I had to take a vacation from her. Land o' Goshen, she escorted each new person through the forum subjects and since I subscribed to your whacha-ma-callit, I got about 35 emails a day, mostly written by her. Sooooo - I'm slinking back in now, not turning on the lights, stopping to listen ...great! You have some wonderful fans making intelligent comments. I really wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Emmett and Gentry, and got that good old western story feeling. That dang Emmett is the MAN who won't give up until he gets the job done. A hero! I enjoyed the ending so much. We all can use a little magic. Thank you for the wild horse ride, just like back in the day. It is so much fun to get an OOU email when you've got a new book out - can't wait til the next one :)
James Linder
James Linder says:
I am HUGE fan of your books. I'm like most people I stumbled into them but I've read ALL your books and can't wait for MORE!! I'm in the middle of 'How I' right now and now I'm not only impressed with your books but with your approach to writing and selling them too. Keep them coming!! Yes I am OOU so please let me know when to expect a new one!
Kendra says:
I discovered the Donovan Creed series 2 weeks ago and have already read them all! When is the next one coming out? I just purchased the Western Series and am really looking forward it.
Dawn Ireland
Dawn Ireland says:
OMG! I read my first Donovan Creed novel (Lethal People) this weekend on my Android. I love your writing style so much I broke down and ordered a Kindle so I can download everything! Keep writing!
Carolyn Magura
Have purchased and have read ALL of your books, and can't WAIT for you to continue both of your series. Emmett Love and Donovan Creed are both exceptional characters. Please, please, please keep writing! AND, as a voracious reader - 3-4 books per week - I'd love to read an ARC of an upcoming book!
Christine says:
Thank you for the wonderful books -they are such a guilty pleasure. I have to schedule a vacation day each time a new one is released! I can't wait for the next Donovan Creed book!
Travis says:
I am definitely an OOU! I have just finished "The Love you Crave" and can't wait for the next. I started on the Emmett Love series and loved those, couldn't wait for a fourth book so moved to Donovan Creed. Wow, what a pleasure! Get writing, I want, nay, NEED more.
Jess says:
Definitely OOU!
James R. Nelson
Enjoyed your book "How I Sold 1 Million E-books". My 3rd book, "The Peacock Prophecy" - mystery nove that takes place on Macinac Island, Mi is now out for the Kindle on Amazon.com. Paperback should be ready by Nov. 15th....so they tell me.
Brent Nielsen
Brent Nielsen says:
Love all your books, keep 'em coming and I will keep buying them and telling everybody I know to buy them too!!! Cant put them down!!
Dean says:
John, Love your books. Read everything you've got on amazon. When is the next one coming out. BTW, what do you think is up with this link? Dean http://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/tlg/2701757297.html
Stephanie says:
Will always be OOU. Love the series and Creed. Exciting twists - keep 'em coming!
Rayne says:
I've read everything, am in Call Me now. Can't wait for the next Donovan Creed!
Braja Sorensen
Oh, and I'm definitely an OOU girl :) or is it OOY when it's in the 3rd person....
Bacon says:
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Phil says:
Waiting for the next Creed.
Cheryl Gustafson
Cheryl Gustafson says:
I have read 84 books in 2011 including every John Locke book written. His books are the best! They are so well written from start to finish that I cannot put my Kindle down until the book is finished! Never ever disappointed with the story or the characters.
Carolyn Magura
Yes, I'm OOU and currently reading about Maybe! I too love the Creed books, and have even downloaded - I'm a NOOK not a Kindle - all the Emmet and Gentry books. PLEASE KEEP WRITING, and I'll keep reading.
Kerry Beeton
Kerry Beeton says:
Hi John I "found" you last year after having received my Kindle as a birthday gift. I have now read all of your books (over and over) including Dani Ripper and Maybe. There is no way I could choose between the characters, Emmett makes me howl, you made me cry when Rudy started to dance and Gentry figured out why, Donovan's kind of sexy and the picture I have in my head of Shrug and Phoebe on the riverbank is certifiable and will stay with me forever! As for Rose.....!! Please keep the books coming. I do try to make them last but I always end up reading them in one session. Thanking you in ancticipation. Kerry, Nottingham, UK
Pat Tucker
Pat Tucker says:
I'm OOU Keep up the great stories Mr. Locke! I would especially like to read more Emmet and Gentry but will read anything you put out. Great works!
QuantumSam says:
I have to thank Amazon - I logged in last night and it immediately recommended Maybe. I had been waiting for that -- thanks!! So far it's all I expected. I have one question: what's taking so long for a TV series or movie? If it's a movie, Bruce Willis should play Creed. For a TV series, I haven't figured out a good choice yet.
Pat Stevens
Pat Stevens says:
Read them all, now I'm bored. When's the next?
Kelly Kent
Kelly Kent says:
Please, don't ever stop writing! I LOVE the way Rose weaves in and out of these stories. I just wish I could figure her out!
Kelly Snyder
Kelly Snyder says:
OK...this is KILLING ME NOW! WHAT IS AN OOU? LOVE LOVE LOVE Donovan Creed just started Wish List. Lethal People was the first book I read on my Kindle! Told my husband I would leave him for Donovan!
seo says:
Excellent beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept
Patricia says:
Can't wait to what comes after "Maybe"... Reading "Call Me" at the time... Thank you!!!
Sally says:
am most positively OOU....screamed out loud when "Maybe" ended. More, Please.?!
Robert says:
Definitely OOU. Loved Donovan from the first book I read (Wish List). Emmett grew on me. And Dani is great. Can't wait for the next book!
Janmarie says:
OOU - ok I'm in. Great books! Can't wait for more!!!
markz says:
I've been a fan of Creed's from the beginning. Couldn't put the books down until I finished. Positively OOU. Even checked the attic!
Trisha Stewart
Having just bought your ebook for authors - I feel 100% more confident and I have only just read it and implemented nothing! I have been wading through or rather procrastinating I think about how on earth I would turn my four healthy lifestyle books into ebooks without anyone stealing my copy or messing the whole thing up - which happened to my hard copy books - but that is another book in the making! This has now opened up avenues to me that I did not even think about - the plan can be implemented and I have made contact with several ebook converters because I think it better to have this done for me and get it right. The only difference is that I am not writing novels, these are self help, health improvement, weight loss, change your life for the better books - but a similar plan can be made, hopefully. thank you John, I feel I know you already :) Trisha Stewart
Trisha Stewart
Oh, and by the way! I will be checking out your books too - for when I have a little downtime Trisha Stewart
Tina Lifford
Tina Lifford says:
Here's my feedback. It has taken way too much of my time trying to find out what OOU means. I tried three clicks and lots of quick scanning and still don't have the answer. I can live without knowing. Thanks.
konrad van demeer
konrad van demeer says:
Jusst joined the OOU clan, need more Creed! Read them all, when's the next J.L offering coming out?
konrad van demeer
konrad van demeer says:
Having been scouring the planet looking for a bottle of "Pappy Van Winkle" to sample (Yes...it's REAL) to no avail! Virtually impossible to secure, even @ $350/bottle..Grrr!
Barbara says:
As you know, I've read all of your books, including your how-to. Great stuff! Keep 'em coming, John! best always, Barbara
Jill Francis
Jill Francis says:
Read your first book when I first got my kindle and have read all of your books ever since. Did not think I would as this is definitly not my usual genre of books, how wrong could I be. You have a very unusual talent Mr Locke, good on you that you have made it work to your advantage. I am absolutely sure that I am OOU. Off to find out. Regards Jill
Jody Martin
Jody Martin says:
I love all of your books. I am definitely OOU. I'm in the middle of reading Maybe right now. Everytime I go on Amazon I look to see if I've missed reading one of your books. Please keep them coming.
Nancy Hafford
Nancy Hafford says:
I just completed Maybe. Thank you for another wonderful adventure!
Kathy says:
Just finished the Love series. Read all of the Creed novels and the Dannie Ripper. PLEASE! I NEED MORE !!
Kathy says:
Just finished the Love series. Read all of the Creed novels and the Dannie Ripper. PLEASE! I NEED MORE !!
Gordon Wulff
Gordon Wulff says:
Thank you John I am now officially an OOU having read every single one of your books .Thank you for the entertainment and the advice your personal touch is greatly appreciated . The cowboy series was a very pleasant surprise and you have earned yourself another lifelong fan . Really enjoyed the new blog too . Sincerely Gordon
Gordon Wulff
Gordon Wulff says:
Thank you John I am now officially an OOU having read every single one of your books .Thank you for the entertainment and the advice your personal touch is greatly appreciated . The cowboy series was a very pleasant surprise and you have earned yourself another lifelong fan . Really enjoyed the new blog too . Sincerely Gordon
Dave Ziff
Dave Ziff says:
Great Stuff! Keep the coming. When is the next book from each series coming out? I can't wait. Loved all your books.
John Locke says:
David Midboe
David Midboe says:
Definitely OOU - even though I didn't know how big the club was until happening upon this site. Thanks for the great stories - I never thought I could enjoy a western, but... now I don't know if I'm more of a Donovan or Emmett fan (I've actually had dreams about Gentry). I've read them all, and like the Many of Us, waiting impatiently for more. I even got tricked into reading a Petit "John Locke" story, thinking it maybe another pseudonym - what a disappointment that was!
Minhaj Arifin
Hi John, I read, “How I Sold 1 Million E-books." I have recently published my humorous novel about a Pakistani man who after watching Baywatch decides to come to America to become a life guard. He lands in North Dakota and has many adventures. I'm blogging on www.HiThereNews.com and many of the things you mentioned about creating relationships actually do work. All the best to you. Minhaj Arifin Author of How Desis Became The Greatest Nation On Earth
Jason Pell
Jason Pell says:
just finished Maybe now onto Bad Doctor and the westerns. You make me late for work as I can't put down your books. Please write faster ! Love em
Terry says:
John- I love the Donovan Creed Series, and wanted to thank you for writing such a humorous, adventurous and creative series. I have trouble getting to sleep on nights that I start a new book. I am an OOU. Thanks Terry
Danie F.
Danie F. says:
Many friends said I have a twisted mind ... warped ! Now that I have introduced them to Donavan Creed they think I'm a monk LOL ! I love the twists, pace and warped minds of all the characters depicted. When can we expect to watch Maybe work with Creed ? Hurry up John ... Keep up the great work, Daniel
Becky says:
Just finished reading Bad Doctor, and I've read all of the books now, and I'm totally addicted. I love how Rose shows up in a bunch of the books! Can't wait to read more! Thank you John!

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